About "Climbers of Fortune" (COF)

COF was born out of my wish to learn DirectX programming. It is therefore not much more than a "wrapper-project" I needed to develop my gaming engine TMCE (Tilman Mehler's cool engine). But again it would be unfair not to release the game to the public ;-). I can imagine it is the perfect  game to be played at your job (when you were actually supposed to work). 


"Scary, but hilarious."    (Review @ 3D2f.com)


The Plot

COF is the next step in TV-Entertainment after Big Br*ther. You take the roll as a "Defender" (special kind government official) who has to defend a wall against incoming "Climbers" (volunteers hoping for medical attention). Refer to the Readme.txt for the full story.  COF can be played with up to 3 players at a time, and that's what is most fun about it!


COF requires a PC with Windows95/98/XP and DirectX9.0 or later. Simply unpack the archive to any desired location on your harddisk and run "climbers.exe" to start the game.

Download COF (v1.8) here (~2.4mb)

Note COF is also mirrored by several Shareware sites.


If You have any questions or comments concerning COF, feel free to contact me.

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