This programm is the result of my second approach to C#. This time I wanted to learn how easy it wold be to build a GUI with the Windows Forms designer. Again, I wanted to the result to be something useful, rather than a pure toy program.
Dissecter allows the user to comfortably split a large file into several  smaller parts of a desiganted size that would fit on a certain medium. Moreover, the program allows you to join a set of split files back into the original file without the need for cumbersome shell-typing (in the form of: copy /b file.000 + file.001 ...).
The size of the parts in bytes can be either given manually - or the user may pick one of the volume sizes: Disk, CD, Single-Layer DVD or Dual-Layer DVD.
For any questions, comments or appreciations concerning the program, please feel free to contact me.


download Dissecter v1.0 (8KB)

Note: This program is a .NET based application. You may need the .NET runtime Framework to make it run on older Windows Systems.

You can get the runtime distributable from Microsoft.