Check out my Android games!

Cordova allows you to develop HMTL5-based mobile apps. Once written, your app can be released on any supported plarform (Android, IPhone, Windows mobile, ...) with minimal changes. Since I currently only own an Android-Device, Android is also the only platform currently supported. Feel free to send me your smartphones, if you want support for your platform. ;-)


My first humble approach to HTML5/Cordova. The goal to solve system of linear equations. For hardcore nerds only ;-) Implements the A*-Algorithm to auto-solve instances. Also, this is the only non-viloent game I ever programmed ;-)

Pick it up here:
SolveLin @ Google Play Store


First scene of the C64-classic Beach-Head 2 which I already programmed on the Commodore Amiga and as a browser game.

Pick it up here:
Beach-Dead @ Google Play Store

Climbers of Fortune

Ultra-violent remake of the game Ork Attack on C64 or Commodore Amiga which I already programmed as a Windows application. Features 100 catchy C64-tunes!

Pick it up here:
Climbers of Fortune @ Google Play Store

Casual Carnage

My first game developed exclusively for Android. Let of some steam and listen to C64-tunes!

Pick it up here:
Casual Carnage @ Google Play Store