StartPri allows you to start a Windows program with a designated priority - just as if you started the programm the normal way and later on adjusted the priority using the windows task manager. For me, the need for such a tool arose from problems I had with certain DirectX based games (and presumably on WinXP home edition). The problem is such, that the keyborad input would lock up and not react for up to 5 seconds, since the game's process was taking too much computation time not allowing the keyboard driver to process any inputs. The problem vanishes, once you start the game with a lower priority. It is however not very desirable (sometimes impossible) to adjust the games priority at runtime using the task manager, as it requires to alt-tab the game in the background.
As I could not make out any windows functionality nor any exsiting tool allowing to designate task priotrity at startup, I decided to write such a tool myself. If you find the program useful, you may consider dropping me an email with your appreciaton :-)

download startpri (6KB)